0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (E)

ECCLESIASTIC (adj.): Pertaining to the clergy or the church - recognized as an authority in ecclesiastic matters. Antonyms: secular, lay. (noun): A clergyman - an ecclesiastic of liberal views.

EDICT: A public command or proclamation issued by an authority - proclaimed by royal edict. Synonym: decree.

EDIFY: To instruct or uplift, particularly in morals or religion - a story that edifies the reader, as well as entertains him.

EFFETE: No longer productive; hence, lacking in or, worn out - powerful in ancient days, now an effete civilization.

EGOTISTIC: Conceited - an egotistic person, flourishing on praise. Synonyms: egocentric, vain. Antonym: altruistic.

EGREGIOUS: Outstandingly bad an egregious mistake with serious implications.

EJACULATE: To exclaim or utter suddenly – ejaculated a cry of horror.

ELICIT: To draw out – elicited no response from the audience. Synonyms: evoke, extract, extort.

ELUCIDATE: To make clear; to explain – elucidated his theory so that even a schoolboy could understand it. Synonym: clarify.

EMISSARY: A person sent on an errand or mission - delegated his emissary to conclude a pact.
ENGENDER: To cause, produce, or stir up-an act that engendered good will.
ENNUI: Boredom; weariness of mind-fell asleep at the meeting from sheer ennui.
ENSUE: To follow or result-Silence ensued when the leader arose to speak.
ENTREAT: To beg earnestly – entreated the judge to show mercy. Synonyms: solicit, supplicate, beseech, implore, importune; (adj.) importunate, mendicant, suppliant

EPHEMERAL: Very short-lived - an ephemeral joy, lasting but a day. Synonyms: fleeting, transitory, transient, evanescent. Antonym: eternal

EPICUREAN (noun): A person devoted to luxurious living and pleasure - an epicurean, seeking to enjoy every meal. (adj.): Pleasure-loving - His entire existence demonstrated his epicurean tastes.

EPIGRAM: A brief pointed saying - a speech full of original epigrams. Synonyms: maxim proverb, adage.

EPITAPH: A tombstone inscription - an epitaph engraved on marble.
EPITHET: A phrase that describes a quality (good or bad) in a person or thing - "Glaring" error is a commonly used epithet. Synonyms: characterization , appellation
EQUANIMITY (adj.: EQUABLE): Evenness of temper or mind - suffered his cruel fate with equanimity. Synonyms: serenity, composure, imperturbability, aplomb.

ERR (noun: ERRATUM): To be mistaken or go astray - To err is human, to forgive divine. Synonyms: stray, blunder.

ERRATIC: Irresponsible, eccentric; lacking a fixed purpose erratic behavior, reflecting his queer ideas.
ERUDITE: Learned - an erudite person, an editor of many books. Synonyms: scholarly, knowing.

ESOTERIC: Understood by only a select few - an esoteric subject, discussed only by scholars. Synonyms: abstruse, recondite.

EXCEPTIONABLE: Objectionable - exceptionable behavior, universally criticized. Synonyms: questionable, reprehensible, censurable. Antonym: laudable.

EXCULPATE: To free from blame - exculpated by a jury. Synonyms: vindicate, exonerate, absolve, acquit. Antonyms: arraign, indict, inculpate.

EXEMPLARY (noun: EXEMPLAR): Serving as a model; commendable - exemplary conduct approved by all. Synonyms: illustrative, typical; praiseworthy, laudable.

EXODUS: Departure, emigration - the pathetic exodus of refugees from their homeland.

EXOTIC: Strange and foreign - an exotic costume imported from Asia.

EXPATIATE: To speak or write at great length - He expatiated on the subject for two hours. Synonym: dilate.

EXPATRIATE (verb): To banish or exile; to withdraw from one's country - expatriated for treachery to his country. (noun): An expatriated person - expatriates who left the United States to live in Paris.

EXPEDIENT (adj.): Convenient in helping to attain some purpose - found it expedient to maintain silence at that moment. Synonyms: opportune, seasonable. (noun): A means to accomplish something - tried all expedients to achieve a quick result.

EXPLOIT (verb): To use for one's selfish purpose – refugees exploited by unscrupulous employers. (noun): A brilliant deed - lauded for his exploits in science. Synonym: feat.

EXPOUND (noun: EXPOSITION): To set forth in detail; to explain - expounded his theory in a learned article.

EXPURGATE: To purify (usually a piece of writing) of offensive material - expurgate all obscenities before the book could be sold. Synonyms: purge, delete.

EXTEMPORANEOUS: Done or spoken on the spur of the moment or without preparation - an extemporaneous speech. Synonyms: impromptu, offhand.

EXTINCT: No longer existing or active - the extinct dinosaur, alive only in history. Synonym: defunct. Antonym: extant.

EXTIRPATE: To root out, destroy totally - extirpated the cause of trouble. Synonyms: eradicate, exterminate, efface, obliterate.

EXTRANEOUS. Not essential; foreign; irrelevant - excluded material extraneous to the subject. Synonyms: extrinsic, adventitious. Antonyms: germane, intrinsic, inherent, relevant, pertinent.

EXULTATION: Great rejoicing - received the good news with exultation. Synonym: jubilation.

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