0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (R)

RACONTEUR: A skilled storyteller - held spellbound by a superb raconteur.

RADICAL (noun): One who advocates extreme basic changes - The reform movement was led by a radical. (adj.): Thorough, extreme - radical measures adopted to meet the emergency. Antonym (noun and adj.): conservative.

RAMIFICATION: A branching; sub-division - studied the subject in all its ramifications.

RAZE: To tear down completely- razed the old building. Synonyms: level. Antonym: rear.

RECAPITULATE: To restate in a brief, concise form; to sum up - recapitulated the main ideas.

RECIPROCAL: Mutual; done in return for something received - held each other in reciprocal esteem.

RECUMBENT: Lying down; leaning back or down - resting in a recumbent position.

REDOLENT: (1) Fragrant - a room redolent of roses. Synonym: aromatic. (2) Reminiscent of - redolent of olden times.

REDOUBTABLE: Commanding fear or respect - cringing before a redoubtable enemy. Synonym: formidable.

REFUTE: To prove incorrect or false-refuted his opponent's argument. Synonyms: rebut, confute. Antonyms: substantiate, confirm, corroborate.

REITERATE: Repeat (several times) - reiterated his story once more.

REMUNERATIVE: Profitable - a remunerative job. Synonyms: lucrative, gainful.

RENEGADE: One who forsakes political or party principles or his religious faith - a renegade from his former allegiance. Synonyms: turncoat, apostate, recreant, traitor.

REPRISAL: Injury inflicted in turn for one received - took action in reprisal against his neighbor. Synonym: retaliation.

RESENTMENT: Feeling of displeasure or indignation resulting from mistreatment or abuse - showed resentment at what he considered an unwarranted insult. Synonyms: umbrage, dudgeon, animosity.

RESILIENT: Elastic; light-hearted; possessing power of recovery - a resilient Spirit, refusing to admit defeat. Synonyms: flexible, pliable, supple, limber.

RESPITE: (1) Temporary deferment or cessation of work or pain - a brief respite from labor. Synonym: surcease. (2) A temporary delay in the execution of -a sentence - granted the doom man a temporary respite. Synonym: reprieve.

RETRIBUTION: The reward or punishment exacted for an injury, wickedness, or other action - suffered just retribution for his folly. Synonyms: requital, nemesis.

RETRIEVE: (1) To make good -retrieved a mistake. (2) To recover -retrieved the suitcase left at the station. (3) To restore - retrieved his lost fortunes.

REVERBERATE: To echo - a shot reverberating through the valley. Synonym: resound.

RUDIMENTARY: In an early stage of development - possessing only a rudimentary, knowledge of physics. Synonym: incipient.
RUE (adj.: RUEFUL): To be sorry for-He will rue the day he left home. Synonyms: regret, repent.