0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (S)

SACROSANCT: Very holy - a shrine. regarded as sacrosanct. Synonyms:  consecrated, inviolable, hallowed.

SAGACIOUS (noun: SAGACITY): Wise; shrewd - proved to be sagacious in his judgment. Synonyms: perspicacious, astute, sapient, discerning, sage.

SALLOW: Sick - a sallow complexion. Synonym: pallid. Antonyms: rubicund, ruddy, florid.

SALLY: (verb): To rush forth suddenly - sallied out to meet the enemy. (noun): A Witty remark - amused the audience with his sallies against his opponent. Synonyms:  quip, banter.

SANCTIMONIOUS: Pretending to be religious - showed his hypocrisy in a sanctimonious display of piety.

SANGUINARY: Bloody - a sanguinary battle. Synonym: gory.

SANGUINE: Of a hopeful disposition; blood-red in color - a perennial optimist, sanguine in temperament. Synonyms: buoyant, ardent.

SARTORIAL: Pertaining to a tailor or clothes - a picture of sartorial perfection.

SATELLITE: (1) An attentive or flattering follower - a prince surrounded by many satellites. Synonyms:  lackey, toady, disciple, adherent; adj., fawning, obsequious, partisan. (2) A country influenced or controlled by another - Freedom is conspicuously absent ,in the Soviet satellites. (3) A body (natural or artificial) which revolves around a larger body, generally a planet - The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, but in recent years it has been joined by many artificial satellites.

SCINTILLA: A trace; a particle - not a scintilla of convincing evidence. Synonyms: iota; vestige.

SCOURGE (verb): To punish severely; to afflict; to whip - a disease that scourged the country. Synonyms: excoriate, flay. (noun). A whip or other means of punishment; a cause of affliction - The Black Plague was a dreadful scourge of the Middle Ages. Synonym: tribulation.

SCRUTINIZE: To examine carefully -scrutinized the contents of the letter.

SHIBBOLETH: A party slogan - a shibboleth designed to attract votes.

SIMPER (verb): To smile in a silly or affected way simpered as he greeted each guest. (noun): An affected or silly smile - stood nervously, a simper on his face. Synonym: (verb and noun) smirk.

SINECURE: Employment entailing little or no responsibility or labor - His job was a sinecure.

SINISTER: Threatening or showing evil; dishonest - the sinister look of a gangster.

SLEAZY: Flimsy and cheap - sleazy cloth which is used only in cheap garments. Synonym: unsubstantial.

SLOVENLY: Untidy-severely criticized the student's slovenly appearance. Synonyms: slipshod, slatternly, frowzy.

SOPORIFIC: Tending to induce sleep - a poorly written novel, soporific in effect.
SORDID: Mean and base; filthy - Sordid motives breed selfish actions. Synonyms: degraded, vile, ignoble.

SOVEREIGN: Supreme m power and authority; independent of the control of any other government - possessing sovereign powers; a sovereign state. Synonyms: autonomous, imperial, majestic, paramount.

SPORADIC: Occurring singly, at irregular intervals; scattered - sporadic cases of illness.

SPURN: To refuse or reject with contempt - an offer that was spurned instantly. Synonyms: repel, snub.

STOIC: Indifferent, calm in bearing pain or pleasure; practising remarkable self-control over emotions - maintained a stoic attitude despite all his trials. Synonyms: stolid, impassive.

STRINGENT: Strict; compelling, constraining stringent regulations; stringent requirements. Synonyms: exacting, rigid. Antonym: lax.

STUPENDOUS: Amazing by, virtue of its immense size, force, or any quality in exceptional degree - The circus is a stupendous spectacle. Synonyms:  astounding, prodigious, monstrous, marvelous, colossal, awful.

SUCCULENT: juicy - a succulent steak. Antonyms: desiccated, vapid.

SULTRY: Close, hot, and moist - sultry tropical weather.

SUPINE: (1) Lying flat on the back - resting in a supine position. Antonym: erect. (2) Inert, inactive, averse to taking action - a supine, ineffective administrator. Synonyms: listless, torpid.