0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (I)

IDIOSYNCRASY: A. personal peculiarity - Wearing white was one of Whistler's idiosyncrasies. Synonyms: eccentricity, foible, mannerism, crotchet, aberration, quirk, singularity.

IGNOMINIOUS (noun: IGNOMINY): Incurring public disgrace - suffered an ignominious descent from political power. Synonyms: infamous, degrading, opprobrious, odious. Antonyms: illustrious, renowned, preeminent.

IMMACULATE: Spotless; pure - an immaculate reputation. Synonyms: undefiled, unsullied, unblemished, untarnished. Antonyms: defiled, sullied, blemished.

IMMINENT: Likely to occur soon - stood in imminent peril. Synonym: impending.

IMMUNE (verb: IMMUNIZE): Exempt from; protected from - immune from taxation. Synonym: unsusceptible.

IMPALE: To pierce through with a pointed instrument - impaled a spider to the wall.

IMPEACH: (1) To accuse (a public official) of wrongdoing - impeached the judge for accepting a bribe. Synonym: arraign. (2) To cast discredit upon - impeached his motives. Synonyms: call in question, discredit.

IMPECCABLE: Faultless - performed with impeccable skill. Synonyms: consummate, irreproachable, unerring, infallible. Antonyms: culpable, fallible.

IMPERVIOUS: Incapable of being penetrated - a mind impervious to new ideas. Synonyms: impermeable, impenetrable. Antonyms: permeable, pervasive.

IMPLACABLE: Incapable of being soothed, made peaceful, or forgiving - implacable resentment. Synonyms: unrelenting, inexorable, unappeasable. Antonyms: placable, forbearing.

IMPLICIT: (1) Implied but not clearly expressed - an implicit agreement. (2) Unquestioning - implicit confidence. Synonyms: tacit, implied. Antonym: explicit.

IMPORT (noun): Meaning; significance or importance - a matter of great import. Synonyms: purport, moment, consequence.

IMPOSTOR (noun: IMPOSTURE): One who pretends to be what he is not unmasked as an impostor. Synonyms: quack, mountebank, charlatan, bogus, fraud.

IMPRECATION: A curse - hurled imprecations at those who would not listen to him. Synonyms: execration, malediction, anathema. Antonyms: benediction, benison.

IMPREGNABLE: Unconquerable - an impregnable fortress. Synonym: invincible. Antonym: vulnerable.

IMPROPRIETY: Improper act, manners, or expression - guilty of impropriety in public office. Synonyms: indecency, indecorum. Antonym: amenity.

IMPROVIDENT: Lacking in thrift; not providing for future needs - an improvident spender. Synonyms: prodigal, shiftless.

IMPUGN: To attack or criticize as false; to call in question - impugned his honesty.

INCARCERATE: To imprison - crushed his opponents by incarcerating them. Synonyms: intern, immure. Antonyms: emancipate, enfranchise.

INCISIVE: Cutting, penetrating - incisive criticism. Synonyms: sarcastic, mordant, trenchant, acute.

INCOGNITO. With one's identity concealed - traveled incognito.

INCONTROVERTIBLE: Indisputable - incontrovertible evidence. Synonyms: irrefutable, indubitable.

INCREMENT: An increase - a salary increment. Synonym: accrual.

INCUMBENT (noun): An officeholder - the incumbent in an election. (adj.): Obligatory - felt it incumbent to reply. Synonyms: mandatory, imperative.

INDEFATIGABLE: Untiring - an indefatigable worker. Synonyms: unflagging, unremitting, persevering.

INDIGENOUS: Native - Rice is indigenous to China. Synonyms: innate, inborn.

INDOOMITABLE: Stubborn in determination not to be subdued - indomitable courage. Synonyms: insuperable, irrepressible, invincible, unyielding. Antonyms: tractable, amenable, docile, submissive.

INFERENCE: A conclusion reached by reasoning from data or premises - an inference drawn from his remarks. Synonyms: deduction, implication.

INGENIOUS: Demonstrating originality, skill, or resourcefulness - an ingenious device. Synonyms: dextrous, inventive, adroit. Antonyms: maladroit, gauche.

INGENUOUS: Simple and straightforward; concealing nothing - an ingenuous plan that anyone could see through. Synonyms: unsophisticated, naive, candid. Antonym: sophisticated.

INGRATIATE: To win another's favor or good opinion tried to ingratiate himself with the politician.

INHIBIT: To check or hinder - inhibited his friend from a foolhardy course. Synonyms: restrain, curb. Antonym: promote.

INNOCUOUS: Harmless; inoffensive - an innocuous remark, but it enraged him.

INNUENDO: An indirect reference or suggestion (frequently derogatory) - conveyed his idea by innuendo. Synonyms: (verb) intimate, insinuate.

INORDINATE: Excessive - spoiled by inordinate praise. Synonyms: immoderate, intemperate, extravagant.

INSATIABLE: Unable to be satisfied - insatiable greed. Synonyms. unappeasable, unquenchable, insatiate.

INSCRUTABLE: Incapable of interpretation or understanding - the inscrutable smile of the Mona Lisa. Synonyms: unfathomable, cryptic, enigmatic.

INSIDIOUS: Working secretly or slyly - that insidious disease, cancer. Synonyms: wily, crafty, furtive, treacherous, artful, guileful perfidious.

INSTIGATE: To stir tip - instigated discontent among the soldiers. Synonyms: foment, incite.

INTEGRITY: Honesty, moral soundness - a man of proved integrity. Synonyms: probity, uprightness, incorruptibility.

INVEIGH (noun-. INVECTIVE): To speak angrily or bitterly-inveighed against economic discrimination. Synonyms: rail, denounce, fulminate, vituperate.

IRASCIBLE: Easily angered - Even petty things made Peter irascible. Synonyms: choleric, petulant, testy, peevish, splenetic, touchy. Antonyms: placid, equable.

IRE: Anger -aroused his ire. Synonyms: resentment; (adj.) irate, incensed.

IRKSOME: Tedious, monotonous - an irksome chore that no one liked.

ITINERANT: Traveling about; wandering - an itinerant salesman. Synonym: nomadic.

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