0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (P)

PANACEA: A remedy for all ills - seeking a panacea to cure our social troubles. Synonym: nostrum.

PANEGYRIC: A speech or writing of extravagant praise - delivered a panegyric at his friend's testimonial dinner. Synonyms: eulogy, adulation, tribute, laudation (adj. laudatory), encomium. Antonyms: censure, disparagement, derogation, castigation, depreciation.

PARADOX: A self -contradictory statement; something 'that appears to be absurd and yet may be true -"Life is too important a matter to he taken seriously." - a paradox by Oscar Wilde. Synonym: anomaly.

PARAPHRASE: To restate the meaning of a passage in other words - paraphrased the poem in a few lines of prose.

PARODY (noun): A humorous imitation of an author's style and mannerisms - wrote a parody on Kipling's "Gunga Din."  Synonym: burlesque. (verb): To write a parody - parodied the popular authors of the (lay to his audience's amusement. Synonym: Mimic.

PECCADILLO: A petty fault-possesses one peccadillo among his many virtues. Synonyms: frailty, foible, flaw, blemish.

PECUNIARY: Pertaining to money - involved in pecuniary difficulties. Synonyms; financial, fiscal, monetary.

PEDANT (adj.: PEDANTIC): One who proudly shows off his learning or who overrates his knowledge - like a pedant glorying in his scholarly trifles.

PENSIVE: Sadly thoughtful - softly sang his pensive song. Synonyms:  reflective, meditative, contemplative, musing.

PEREMPTORY: Positive in expressing an opinion - gave a peremptory judgment. Synonyms: decisive, resolute, imperious, positive, dogmatic. Antonyms: indecisive, tentative.

PERTINACIOUS: Clinging doggedly to an opinion or purpose - pertinacious in his efforts. Synonyms: obdurate, tenacious, persistent, persevering, intractable, inflexible.

PERUSE: To read carefully - perused the important letter.

PERVERSE: Willfully bent on doing the wrong thing - a perverse lad, always disobeying his parents. Synonyms: headstrong, froward, refractory, wayward, fractious.

PETRIFY: To paralyze with horror, fear, or surprise - petrified by the enemy bombardment. Synonyms: stupefy, stun, bewilder, amaze.

PLAGIARISM. Adopting and reproducing, without acknowledgment, the writings or ideas of another and passing them off as one's own - denied the charge of deliberate plagiarism.

PLATITUDE: A dull and commonplace remark - bored people by his pompous phrases and platitudes. Synonyms: bromide, truism, axiom.

PLEBEIAN: Pertaining to the common people; hence, common or vulgar - plebeian in his tastes and outlook. Antonyms: patrician, aristocratic.

PLEBISCITE. A direct vote by the people - The decision to confederate was ratified by plebiscite.

POIGNANT: (1) Gripping and moving the feelings powerfully - a poignant grief. (2) Piercing, biting, pointed - a poignant cry; poignant wit.

PONDEROUS: Very heavy; clumsy; dull - a ponderous speech, extremely boring.

PRECARIOUS: Uncertain or risky - earning a precarious livelihood, providing no luxuries.

PRECIPITOUS: (1) Very steep - a precipitous cliff. (2) Descending rapidly - a precipitous decline in popularity.

PRELUDE: An introduction, forerunner, or preliminary step - a short prelude to the play. Synonyms: preface, prologue, preamble. Antonym: epilogue.

PREROGATIVE: A privilege or power attaching to a position - It is a woman's prerogative to refuse to tell her age. Synonym: license.

PRESTIGE: Esteem or influence accorded for recognized achievements or reputation - As Senator he enjoyed great prestige. Synonym: distinction.

PRESUMPTION: (1) Something taken for granted - acted on a reasonable presumption. (2) Going beyond proper bounds; impudent boldness - His question was downright presumption. Synonyms:  effrontery, forwardness, arrogance.

PREVARICATE: To disguise or conceal the truth to lie - prevaricated in order to avoid detection. Synonyms:  quibble, equivocate; (adj.) mendacious. Antonyms:  (noun) veracity, verity; (adj.) forthright.

PROCRASTINATE: To postpone or put off to another time - missed his opportunity by procrastinating too long. Synonyms: defer, delay.

PROGNOSTICATE (noun: PROGNOSIS): To forecast - The Weather Bureau prognosticates daily. Synonyms: presage, portend, augur, forebode.

PROLETARIAT: The wage-earning class - a truckman, humble member of the proletariat.

PROMONTORY: A cliff - an imposing promontory along the coast. Synonyms: headland, precipice.

PROMULGATE: To publish or proclaim; to spread abroad The President promulgated a decree. Synonym: disseminate.

PROTUBERANT: Bulging or swelling out - a protuberant jaw. Antonyms: receding, recessive.

PROVISIONAL: Temporary; for the time being - a provisional plan until a permanent decision is reached. Synonym: tentative.

PROXIMITY: Nearness-worked in close proximity to his home. Synonyms: propinquity, vicinity. Antonym remoteness.

PSEUDONYM: A false name assumed by a writer - concealed his identity by a pseudonym. Synonyms: alias, pen name, nom de plume.

PUNITIVE: Inflicting, or concerned with, punishment - took punitive measures against deserters.