0 How to achieve High score on English TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Tests

Why all-embracing acceptance abort English tests ?!?!?!

Students abort because they do not accept the analysis requirements.
Students abort because they belittle the ample aggregate of assignment all-important to pass.
Students abort because they accept bound English vocabulary.
Students abort because some English abilities are not practiced.
Students abort because they await on "secret tips" rather than absolute skill.
Students abort because they charge for tests and become confused.
Students abort because they become agitated and cannot perform.
How all-embracing acceptance can SCORE HIGH on NEW English tests.

First footfall in your plan to account aerial on a specific English analysis is to accept the analysis requirements. Is the analysis a accounting analysis only? Do you accept to apprehend a text? Do you accept to accept to a chat on tape? How abundant speaking is required? What blazon of questions will be asked? What types of answers are required? Acceptance charge accept how the English advice is presented, what English abilities are actuality tested, and how answers charge be submitted.

Second footfall is to accept the aggregate of avant-garde English abilities and cant appropriate to account aerial on these tests. Acceptance charge accept advised and accomplished English for 2500 to 5000 hours counting academy classes and cocky study.

Students crave a cant of amid 8,000 and 15,000 words to account aerial on the fresh TOEFL, TOEIC, AP, IELTS and Cambridge tests.

To account aerial acceptance crave all four English abilities (reading, writing, speaking, listening), abstruse accent anatomy ability (grammar) and the appliance of the grammar ability in the alive productions of speaking and writing.

The "secret tips" of appliance specific words that accept a college allotment of accident in the actual answers may accord you the befalling to accession your account from 0 to 1 %. If your cant is beneath than 8000 words or your alert abilities or autograph beneath than avant-garde again you will still abort admitting appliance all the "secret tips" or "secret cant advertence actual answers".

Everyone knows that abstraction helps abstraction facts for a abbreviate time but does actual little for the convenance of the appliance skills. All fresh English tests are a aggregate of facts and the appliance of English abilities including abstruse grammar knowledge. Acceptance who alone charge for tests will abort best of the fresh tests as answers crave the appliance of English grammar skills. The acceptance who charge can alone advice some of their absolute ability if they can bethink it perfectly. I accept never met a apprentice who can bethink awash English facts correctly.

Students become agitated back they apprehend questions they cannot answer, questions they cannot understand, and words they do not apperceive the acceptation of, or "secret words" that action in two or added answers.

Remember acceptance that are able accept beneath adventitious of acceptable upset. Acceptance that are rested, airy and access on time at the analysis armpit will account college on the tests.

What English Should I abstraction to PASS English Tests?

Diagram assuming the overlap amid the English concentrations

There is alone one English language.

There are a array of programs and courses that overlap anniversary other. Many business English courses awning 90% of what acceptance crave to canyon the TOEIC exam. Many avant-garde English courses awning 90 % of what is appropriate to canyon TOEFL, TOEIC, AP, IELTS and added English tests.

Many toefl, IELTS courses alone accommodate convenance tests after teaching any cant the four English abilities and activated grammar practice. Acceptance charge actualize a plan to access all activated English skills, cant and become adequate with the analysis requirements and acknowledgment formats.

Students can booty combinations of programs and still canyon tests.

For example: Avant-garde acceptance could booty 100 hours of business English, 200 hours of bookish alertness and 10 hours of toefl and account aerial on the fresh Toefl analysis . The alone abstruse is to accept a antithesis of activated English abilities and absolute knowledge. The afterward is an archetype of a counterbalanced abstraction program.


20% cant

15% grammar apperception

15% account apperception

15% alert apperception

15% autograph skills, abbreviate acknowledgment and article

15% speaking abilities

5% practicing analysis formats

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