0 Can You Write a TOEFL Essay?

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It’s finally time to write… As we’ve seen before for the speaking, there's five different writing tasks:
Here's the definition from the official ETS web-site:
One Reading/Listening/Writing task
Academic reading and lecture
Check takers must answer a query discussing the key points in the lecture and explaining how they relate to those in the reading passage
Reading passage appears first, then is removed from the screen in the coursework of the lecture. Check takers

can view the passage again while responding to the query
Check takers can take notes and use them to reply
One independent task about a familiar topic
Check takers state, report and support their response using personal knowledge and experience. This task is similar to the writing task on the computer-based TOEFL® check and the TWE® (Check of Written English™)

Trained raters evaluate check takers' ability to demonstrate an understanding of the material, as well as write clearly, exactly, and in a well-organized manner.
In the coursework of the integrated task, before beginning to write, you’ll read a short text and listen to a lecture. Than you require to merge all the information and use them to write a text. Here’s an example of the way it works:
read a short text (3 to 4 paragraphs)
listen to a lecture (and take notes)
write, comparing what you read and what you heard (around 250 words)
In my view, this ISN’T a difficult task. But the main issue, again, is the time. And finally… I do know you’re afraid of that, and for nice reason! The TOEFL Essay (they call it independent writing) can make the difference between a nice and a bad score. You have 30 minutes to write over 350 words but it’s simple to run out of time without even finishing the first paragraph. The topic is always short and well described, but can be difficult to create, because you may be worn out after 4 hours of check!

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