0 Most important 500 Word List for TOEFL Test (H)

HAIL: To greet - The crowd hailed the returning hero. Synonyms: accost, salute.

HARANGUE (verb): To deliver a long. noisy speech- harangued the multitude. Synonyms: rant, declaim. (noun): A loud, tiresome speech - an empty harangue which bored his audience. Synonym: tirade.

HARBINGER, A forerunner; ail announcer - the robin, harbinger of spring. Synonyms: precursor, herald.

HAUGHTY: Proud; looking down with contempt on others - dismissed the messenger in a haughty manner.

HEEDLESS: Thoughtless; taking little care - rushed into battle, heedless of the danger. Synonyms: inadvertent, rash, incautious. Antonyms: prudent, circumspect, mindful, wary.

HEINOUS: Wicked; hateful - committed a heinous crime. Synonyms: atrocious, outrageous, monstrous, odious, nefarious, abominable.

HERESY: An opinion held in opposition to the traditional view - a view condemned as heresy. Synonym: heterodoxy. Antonym: orthodoxy.

HIATUS: A gap or vacancy; break -left a hiatus on the page where he erased a sentence. Synonym: breach.

HISTRIONIC: Pertaining to the theater; designed for show - broke into histrionic laughter, hollow and insincere. Synonyms: dramatic, theatrical.

HOAX (noun): A trick or deception; a practical joke - played a hoax upon the credulous public. Synonym: canard. (verb): To play a trick on; to deceive - He hoaxed the crowd completely with his disguise.

HOMONYM: Two words having the same sound but different meanings - confusing such homonyms as mail add male.

HOVEL: A dirty or wretched dwelling - born in a hovel, died in a mansion.

HYPERBOLE: Extravagant exaggeration for effect - An example of hyperbole: "There are a million objections to the project." Synonym: overstatement. Antonym: understatement.

HYPOTHESIS: An assumption made for the sake of argument - worked from a fantastic hypothesis. Synonym: supposition.

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